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Web Design, Manage, SEO

Small service business websites custom designed and managed.

Simple, Custom, Affordable and Pain Free.

What's New

For Support Please Call:  919-655-5620  Leave a message, if it's not a spam call, we will call you back...  Existing clients can simply call or text their rep.

We will be moving these client support topics:  Viewing your proof, adjusting your managment plan, your design brief, how to pay online and more.

New Responsive Designs

09/15/2018 -  Nested menus are coming as well.  Nested menues accomidate more links for navigation on the pages without taking up a bunch of space.  If your site does not have it yet, dont worry it will.  After we convert all our client sites to responsive, we will begin the update of adding the bonus features the technolocy provides.  View Plans  contact us for details

09/07/2018 -  Exisitng clients will see difference with our new responsive design, newer clients may not.  Either way it's an upgrade we do on a yearly basis and an upgrade we do for our clients when they have the right managment plan.  All our clients on the aprropriate plans will get a complete redesign to accomidate this new technology and the next technology that trends.  View Plans  contact us for details

Google's New Security Updates

09/07/2018 -  Google requires all website to have an SSL Security authentication. Initially, this is for sites which transfer credit card or other data that should be encrypted, but to make the Internet as a whole more secure for users, all websites containing HTTP will require a security certificate. Although this move makes sense, it will add additional expenses to management plans as we must pass these costs onto our clients. Ultimately keeping everyone safe from hackers is the goal, so in the end, everyone wins.

Your website visitors will feel better about doing business with you when your site identified as "Secure," and it's safer all around. Without this upgrade, browsers will display a message like this "this website is not secure" effectively spooking your visitors. Even though a website is not sending credit card information, but merely sending email on a contact form, they will still get this message.
 contact us for details

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Successful Cases

We periodically highlight a success story of one of our clients. Examples of success give you an idea of the results you can get based on your goals and budget. We also link to their live site and the searches we target for them, giving you live and up to date results. Demonstrating "what have you done for me lately?." Progress reports are placed in shared folders so you can track your success.

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