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Website Hosting

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Hosting a website simply means there is a computer connected to the Internet that has your webfiles on them.

What is Web Hosting?

For someone to view your website, the files must be on a computer connected to the Internet. Can't we use just any computer or even our own?. The answer to this question requires some thought. Think about how many times the electricity has gone out at your place or other places with a simple plugged-in computer, now add the reliability of a machine purchased at the local electronics store. The most important thing about hosting is reliability and file backups in case of an emergency. We use only GoDaddy(TM) servers running Linux OS for both speed and reliability.

Hosting companies have rooms full of computers and other computers to monitor those, and personnel in case something goes wrong. These computers are in a big building with lots of technology.

File Back Ups and Maintenance

Your files need to be backed up to ensure there is a fall back state in case of an emergency. Sometimes there are problems with a server, and data needs moving. Even when we park a client's website (no content updates), files need to be cared for, and servers maintained.

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* Each service can be added in or out of a plan to better target your needs and budget.  Web Management Plans

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Portfolio, Samples and Proofs

When we create a custom/exclusive design for you, we publish to our samples server first, this allows you to view, click and comment on your design.  You can even approve your design from your web browser.  This allows you to get a live look and feel for the design (not the content), content is added after the design has been approved.  Sometimes we do a sample for a new Industry we are tapping, discounts can be had if you are a client in an Industry we are interested in.
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