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Domain Services

How important is your domain really?

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Domains don't matter do they?  Why do they need to be managed or even registered and how are they important to me?

Choosing the Right Domain

You may not understand how important the first step is, choosing the right domain is critical in many ways.

Domain Registration

The best way to explain why the right domain is essential is to use an example. Let's use a Pine Cone dealer named Jimmy. I bet you didn't know Jimmy even grew and sold Pine Cones did you? Neither does the world, that's why he's doing his website. Now, let us pretend you are looking for Pine Cones for your garden or craft store, you go online and begin your search for people who sell Pine Cones, what search term do you use "Jimmy's Pine Cones?", Probably not unless you know Jimmy, but you're a new customer right? So you search for "Pine Cones For Sale." Now the question, what domain should Jimmy have for his website? If you said "" you would be correct. What if that one is not available? (someone already registered it). The next option would be to add a city or state to the domain to better target the demographic. "" would be an option and so on.

Of course, Jimmy should register his actual business name, so people who already know him can find his website, but he also will want other domains to target search engines better. Some companies register 10 or more to be sure they're protected. As a small service business, this would be overkill, but 2 to 4 is advisable to cover your market area online.

One more example before we move on. What's the first thing you think of when you see the domain a jungle? A shopping site?. You can still succeed with the exact company name for a field, but you must consider how much money Amazon spent to create that awareness of their name. If your budget is large enough, the domain becomes secondary, but if you're like most of us, you need something besides money to gain a leg up. You're going to need a proper domain.

Domain Transfers

Ok, you may already have a domain, or you are changing web companies and need to transfer the name to someone else. We handle domain transfers also. You can move them from one company to the next. It does take some time logistically and time to propagate the changes on your server. However, its done by most companies.

Domain Protection

Domains must renew each year or for multiple years at a time. You can rely on an email notification letting you know it's expiring soon and you may lose it, but what if you're like most small service business owners and don't check your email often? It's possible it will expire, and well, your website name now belongs to someone else. We register your domain name automatically, effectively ensuring you never lose it.

Choosing and managing domains can be tricky if you're not savvy on the subject and catastrophic if you don't pay attention. We handle it for you, so you don't have to worry.

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Portfolio, Samples and Proofs

When we create a custom/exclusive design for you, we publish to our samples server first, this allows you to view, click and comment on your design.  You can even approve your design from your web browser.  This allows you to get a live look and feel for the design (not the content), content is added after the design has been approved.  Sometimes we do a sample for a new Industry we are tapping, discounts can be had if you are a client in an Industry we are interested in.
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