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Web Design, Manage, SEO

Small service business websites custom designed and managed.

Simple, Custom, Affordable and Pain Free.

Body Shop Websites

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The Features You Need

Front Page in Search
You need both the map area of the front page and the middle of the page in search engines.  Searches like:  "Body Shop (your city)" "Body Shop Estimates (your city)"  "Car Painting (your city)" and related searches.
Unlimited Photos and Albums
A way for you to store, control, share and create albums from all your photos.  You need more than a few before and after photos to build value for your potential new customers.
Online Estimating to Grow New Customers
Forms a website visitor can fill out and send to begin the estimating process online, they can even send photos from their phone.
Frequently Asked Questions Page
This feature helps answere some of the most frequently asked questions you get on the phone.  This will save time by allowing the customer to get this information from your website so they dont have to ask over the phone or in person.
Custom Designed so it Matches Your Business
We use only your pictures, logo, color and other features from your shop on your website.  If there are generic photos used during the design phase, they will be replaced with your photos.  Photos taken by you or us.
Multi Platform Responsive Design
View from cell phone, tablet, laptop or pc.  The design responds to the user.
Consitant Updates to Keep it Fresh
Keeping it fresh keeps the search engines happy.  They will favor you over other shops in your area.
Someone You Can Talk to About Your Website
Need to make changes on fly?  We got you covered.
Affordable Monthly Payments
We understand your budget concerns and your need for excelent value.  Return on investment is where we beat our competition, we help keep your shop busy.

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Successful Cases

We periodically highlight a success story of one of our clients. Examples of success give you an idea of the results you can get based on your goals and budget. We also link to their live site and the searches we target for them, giving you live and up to date results. Demonstrating "what have you done for me lately?." Progress reports are placed in shared folders so you can track your success.

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