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Web Design, Manage, SEO

Small service business websites custom designed and managed.

Simple, Custom, Affordable and Pain Free.

Targeting Search Enigines with the Right Position

Positioning your website for search is the secret to success.

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Local city is included in your growth plan but we can expand that search radious if you want to gain more customers in other cities.

Managed Search Engine Strategies

Although your basic plan will not include targeting search engines, it is still possible to get it. We won't monitor it or add content to help improve it. Your Growth Plan does include local search results, and your home city is what we target. You can add additional states, towns and even nation search to your plan so we can expand your websites reach into the marketplace.

(SEO) Local City
Included in all plans free except for Basic.

(SEO) Expand City
As many cities as you want.
(SEO) States
Home states and other states.  We cover all states in the United States.  When we get you state exposure we begin drilling down into individual cites from within those states.
(SEO) Nationwide Exposure
Most service businesses target local and choose a couple of adjacent cities to expand their customer base.  Occasionally we find clients need to target other states and even the entire US or the world.

Website Services Menu

Design Services (required)
Websites, Logos, Social Wallpapers and more..
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Domains (required)
Registration, Transfers and domain protection services.
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Hosting (required)
Monthly and Quarterly hosting. We also do yearly for clients who request it.
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Google Connections
Google maps, Business listings, Updates, Managment.
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Content Managment
Adding content, Photos and Design Updates by request or on a set schedule.
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Back Linking
Database sites, Listing claims, Listing management.
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Photo Managing
Unlimited photos, Unlimited albums, Photos sharing, Social commenting.
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Year End Updates
Changes in technologies (upgrades), Redesigns, Major changes by request or on a schedule.
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Ratings and Reviews
Moderate and respond, Negotiate a removal or change, Attractive positive reviews.
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Social Media
Facebook posts, Links to your website, Facebook header/wallpaper images, LinkedIn, Twitter or other.
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Multi Locations
Multiple locations or service areas?  We accomidate these types of websites also, and with location searches, separate forms for contact and navigation links.
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Updates, Graphics, 3 Holiday minimum.
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Optimizing for search engines.  Grow your customer base by getting that phone ringing.
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Successful Cases

We periodically highlight a success story of one of our clients. Examples of success give you an idea of the results you can get based on your goals and budget. We also link to their live site and the searches we target for them, giving you live and up to date results. Demonstrating "what have you done for me lately?." Progress reports are placed in shared folders so you can track your success.

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